Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Teh 3pic Fa1l uv 0bama

Like many conservative pundits, I am worried the future. Even in the best of the times, the future can be an uncertain uncanny beast waiting to devour us, or it can be an angel swooping in to save us from ourselves at just the perfect time.

In 2010, the midterm congressional elections will likely serve as a bellweather for 2012 and beyond. Unlike many of my conservative brothers and sisters, I have recently discovered a cause for renewed optimism. One needs only to look at the second-most socialist president ever to come down the pike in my lifetime: William Jefferson Blythe-Clinton.

President "Slick Willie" was painfully aware of certain forces at work, which I call "political considerations." Clinton was notorious in political circles for commissioning polls to determine every last bit of minutiae for his public persona, such as what to eat when going out, where to go on vacation, Etc. Dick Morris, being a professional political advisor, could probably say a lot more, and in a lot more detail, than I could about such considerations, but the important thing to recall is how Clinton reacted to them.

Clinton was a noted member (charter, I believe) of the Democratic Leadership Council. He campaigned as a third-way moderate which he clearly was not, but recognition of inviolable political considerations led him to do more than a few things reluctantly; he privately encouraged Hillary to scrap her health care reform plans early in his administration, he signed the welfare reform act that was passed by a Republican congress after the 1994 takeover, and faced with the infamous blue dress, Clinton finally had to make a flimsy apology to the American public.

Quite clearly, Barack H. Obama has believed up until this point that he could succeed where Clinton failed. His rockstar status during the campaign was almost enough to make me worry that he was right. Now that he is in the Oval Office and actually has to deliver on the promises he made, the wine is going sour and the roses are starting to wilt.

On the subject of Health Care, Hillary Clinton presented Congress with a draft bill that was the subject of heavy critcism from many pundits, and even a significant segment of Congress at the time. Obama has submitted no draft bill, apparently in the hopes that he could escape that criticism. All he would need to do was trust Congress to churn out something -- anything -- for him to sign before the American people, or even most of Congress, could know what was being voted on. Might have worked, but for the fact that Obama himself admitted his ignorance concerning what was in the House health care reform bill.

When it comes to racial animus, Obama had yet another chance to shine in his answer to Lynn Sweet last week during his health care presser. For someone in a "post-racial" presidency, he seemed awfully happy to condemn a white police officer for the very act of arresting a black man, even though Obama said he knew he didn't have all the facts, himself.

With each passing week, talk of the economy and war on terror that Obama "inherited" sounds more petty to more people. His failure to take responsibility for problems of his own creation will ring hollow as an empty eggshell if it remains into the 2010 congressional campaign season.

Perhaps it could be said that in the end, Bill Clinton was chiefly worried about his own power. When he had his back against the wall, Clinton was more than happy to sacrifice his socialist/Marxist principles to ensure a second term. In that, he was successful. On the other hand, Barack H. Obama makes a terrible mistake in thinking that his charisma can carry him through his presidency as an ideologue. Sooner or later, the people will expect delivery. We'll know if we get a bill of goods.

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