Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's Hammer Time!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mary Katherine Ham had an excellent article at The Weekly Standard about Representative Baron Hill (D Ind.) who has now at least twice publicly accused townhall protesters of being political terrorists.

Considering the overwhelming public opposition to Obamacare, who does he think he is going to get to vote for him? Seriously?

"Terrorism" as a concept is so amorphous, it is hard to define. I shall try here:

The intentional injury or killing of civillian non-combatants, inside or outside of a war zone, for the express purpose of effecting political change.

Now there are a whole host of reasons that America is not a terrorist nation by that definition, but the particulars of that discussion can be saved for another more appropriate time.

I don't want those Democratic Obama stooges to die. I want their most morbid collective fear to come true: I want them to lose their jobs in a uniquely American open and free election, only to be consigned to the dustbin of political history as utter failures.

Does that make me a terrorist? I'll admit, the above definition is not strictly a dictionary definition, but to listen to Baron Hall, we've all been terrorists at some time in our lives, because we all use fear in some capacity at some time to get what we want.

You see, normal people do tend to fear things like death and illness and perhaps to a lesser extent, pain and emotional suffering. To normal people, "terroism" constitutes something on the order of using fully-loaded passenger plains as missiles to topple high-rise buildings and snuff out the lives of roughly 3000 other normal people.

Politicians aren't normal people. They live in a different world than most of us. For the liberal establishment, for far too long, politics has been a game of input and output. Buy the votes, ply the favors, and take it for granted that you're in like sin.

That's not the case this time. The American people aren't buying what the Democrats are selling. There are politicians who fear for their reelection chances far more than they fear the chance of an Iranian nuclear strike.

I hope Representative Hall and his Democratic colleagues continue to fear. The death of my fellow humans -- normal or not, politicians or otherwise -- brings me no pleasure. Seeing losers stooge for Obama and pay the political price would be absolutely priceless.

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