Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let's go, Joe!

I was listening to Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski via the WABC radio webcast this morning. Unfortunately, although I tend to like Scarborough, I heard some things on his show today that greatly concern me.

Joe doesn't understand the fear that the average American feels for their country. He believes that the constitutional republic that we enjoy will outlive any presidency, just as it has survived two world wars and numerous spats of turmoil which he enumerated.

I wish I shared Joe Scarborough's optimism. I think he's wrong.

Eternal vigilance is indeed the price of freedom. We have been flagging in that vigilance since at least 1913 (with the consitutional amendment that authorized direct taxation), and perhaps before. The income tax outlasted WWI. Social security, ponzi scheme that it is, outlasted FDR. Federal highway funding outlasted President Ike. The Great Society outlasted LBJ. Each of these freedom-encroaching unconstitutional programs have contributed to transforming our republic into something our founding fathers wouldn't recognize today.

In the great scheme of things, the Republican takeover of congress in 1994 was barely a hiccup. Those of my readers who are more aware may remember that Scarborough was a member of the House "class of '94." Is it possible that perhaps his views are colored by his experience as a federal legislator?

Our fear is not the sort of fear that will force us to cower behind the scenes as nationalized health care is forced on us. With our liberty at stake like it hasn't been in my lifetime, all the admonishment in the world from Joe Scarborough -- or anyone else -- won't allay our fears.

The institutions that Scarborough puts so much faith in will survive only as long as they are maintained and preserved. That job falls to "We the People." We will not be denied.

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