Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Philip Elliott is a Moron

...and should be brought up on charges of journalistic malpractice.

Elliott wrote the following on Monday, August 17, 2009, for the associated press(Dateline - Washington):

Bowing to Republican pressure and an uneasy public, President Barack Obama's administration signaled Sunday it is ready to abandon the idea of giving Americans the option of government-run insurance as part of a new health care system.

Take your time pondering that opening 'graph. Think about what's wrong with it. That's right! The Democrats have a commanding majority in both houses of Congress, as well as a leader in the executive branch! It gets better.

Facing mounting opposition to the overhaul, administration officials left open the chance for a compromise with Republicans that would include health insurance cooperatives instead of a government-run plan. Such a concession probably would enrage Obama's liberal supporters, but could deliver a much-needed victory on a top domestic priority opposed by GOP lawmakers.

Can you say "cognitive dissonance," kids? The only thing the Republicans have to bring to the table is the moral high ground that comes with "bipartisanship." When it comes to actually forcing legislation through the meat grinder of congress, the only practical reason for getting Republicans on-board with anything would be Democratic disunity.

If Philip Elliott isn't a moron, it must be said that he is a dishonest shill. Of course, the two aren't mutually exclusive.

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