Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Olympics Vs. Iran

Many of my colleagues felt ill-concealed glee at Obama's failure to chide the International Olympics Committee into putting the 2016 games in Chicago. Laying aside the conservative gloating for a moment, the liberals are once again conveniently ignoring the stubborn facts that do not fit their narrative.

Chicago was made a finalist in the IOC's voting in June 2008 before Obama had even clinched the Democratic presidential nomination. All Bush's fault, huh?

Even many conservatives thought that the IOC voting was all wrapped up. What kind of head-of-state would engage in diplomacy without knowing the outcome?

President Obama's speech as well as Michelle Obama's, were both laced with narcissistic self-reference bordering on the obscene. Nobody I've heard expressing an opinion has thought that could have possibly helped.

As an amateur sometimes-pundit, I'm glad that the Daley corruption machine won't be able to get their Chicago-thug mitts into the already corruption-laced Olympics. However, I also believe that Obama's failure with the IOC portends something far more important, and potentially far more disastrous.

Obama's willingness to discuss sporting events with a corrupt body of foreign individuals, while at the same time having no clue what he was wading into, should give all patriotic Americans pause when the subject of Iranian or North Korean nukes is a national topic-of-conversation. Failing in the little, inconsequential things is not a cause for relief when our very national identity and the lives of our citizens is on the line.

Obama will end up an international laughingstock. And I won't be laughing. I'll be digging a bomb shelter while I repeat "See, I told you so" just like a broken vinyl record.

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