Monday, March 8, 2010

Massa is Everywhere

Drudge, as usual, is the hub, but Eric Massa news can be found this morning on Politico, Roll call, and Real Clear Politics, among others.

It's difficult for me to separate the substance of the allegations against Massa from the circumstances of this airing of his dirty laundry. At the same time, liberals have been excused in media, academia, and government for far worse behavior than what Massa is being accused of now.

It's difficult for me to see this in terms of Captain Ed's tack, vis-a-vis Charlie Rangel. Some fourteen months ago, there were legal and ethical questions about Tim Geithner that culminated in his appointment as Treasury Secretary.

I'm not really much of a poker player, but I know enough to know that sometimes you need to raise, and sometimes a raise needs to be called. I'd like to Massa rescind his resignation, and I'd like to see him get booted out. He's no conservative rose.

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