Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lance "DC Douglas" Baxter: Buh bye!

Today, Lance Baxter, better-known in the voice-over industry as DC Douglas, was fired from his job as a noted (if not by name) voice from many of the Geico commercials that have run for the last 15+ years.

I'm a little late to the party, but it turns out that one week ago today, on April 14, 2010, Freedomworks posted a voice mail that DC left in their system:

While there is no love lost between myself and Dick Armey, this whole episode makes me question DC's mental faculties more than anyone else's. The dude works for one of the nation's largest auto insurance firms, and piddles it all away in a fit of completely moronic and misdirected anger.

Such a shame, in a way. I was familiar with a lot of his work before I even knew who he was. I wonder how radioactive this will make him in hollywood now...? Probably not very. I hope Lance "DC Douglas" Baxter enjoys his electoral trouncing in November.

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