Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Papers, Please

Pundits of all stripes, from anarchist-libertarians to diehard leftists, have been crowing about the "nazi overtones" of the law in Arizona that will supposedly allow cops to harass ordinary citizens for their "papers." Bearing in mind that a valid driver's license is sufficient for the purpose of Arizona's law, I have compiled a list of instances in which I, personally, have been "harassed" for my "papers:"

  • At the pleasure of the doormen or bartenders at virtually every nightclub or other drinking establishment I've been to since I've turned 21
  • Every time I have applied for a new job (two independently verified forms of ID)
  • Renewal of my ID card (which requires three independently verified forms of ID under new federal rules, since I don't drive a car)
  • Doing business with the federal government at the local Federal Building (including a metal detector and pat-down at the pleasure of the security personnel)
  • Establishment of a bank or credit union account
  • Booking a hotell room
By no means a comprehensive list, but these are all instances in which I have personally been asked for my "papers," and I don't have a drop of hispanic blood in me.  I live less than a ten-hour drive from the Canadian border.  Spare me the whiny nazi BS.  I don't buy it.

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  1. Bwhahahahahaha. I love this. I live in Arizona. I'm one of those racist hate mongers...or so they claim. But that Milwaukee Supervisor, West...she cleared up some information for all of us...we are a ways from the border. We just like to pull tricks on people here!