Thursday, July 22, 2010

No More Apology

There's been a big flap over the Shirley Sherrod affair.  Unfortunately, since I am posting on vacation, I am not currently able to provide a large number of supporting links.  Links and further commentary will be forthcoming when I get back home and have a more functional internet connection.

For sites that broke the story with Brietbart's incomplete video, such as Hotair, I think that the worst thing that can happen is for the Rightosphere to start apologizing where no wrong was committed.  Sherrod didn't, and to the best of my knowledge never has worked for Hotair or any of Breitbart's blogs.  It was only within their power to question her character, which they did.  When the full video was released, the truth was made known and there was nary a peep from Breitbart or anyone else on what kind of person Shirley Sherrod was/is.

For the record, I continue to believe that the only germaine question is whether Shirley Sherrod is more of a racist, or classical Marxist class warrior.  Sounds to me like her inner class warrior won out, but only barely.

My opinion of Shirley Sherrod isn't going to flip because of the video's I-saw-the-light addendum, but my opinion ultimately doesn't matter.  And neither does Andrew Breitbart's, or Ed Morrissey's, or anyone else's except Shirley Sherrod's employer.  The Obama administration brought pressure to bear on Shirley Sherrod with incomplete information.  That doesn't bode well for the first black president, who also happens to be the smartest man in any room he graces with his presence.  [/sarc]

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