Monday, July 19, 2010

The Plebes and the Pubs

Rush Limbaugh brought something to my attention today.  It's not often that anyone is able to challenge my beliefs, and so far it's always been a conservative giant like Limbaugh who's managed, but he did so today in spades.  El Rushbo quoted quite extensively from a piece by American Spectator writer Angelo Codevilla, from the July-August issue, and reproduced in its entirety at  Unfortunately, the piece is far too long for me to quote extensively.  For me to quote even a few parts simply doesn't do Codevilla's genius justice, so I will try to explain it the best I can and encourage all of my readers to read it from start to finish.

The thrust of Codevilla's column/article consists of detailing the relationships between what he calls "the ruling class" and "the country class."  It started me thinking about the relationship between the Plebeians and Patricians of ancient Rome.

I also started thinking about the article in terms of broader modern understanding.  Although I still believe in the Overton Window as strongly as ever, until recently I thought that President Obama's administration had been a victim of wrong assumptions.  I was naive enough to believe that Obama saw certain things as culturally acceptable, inside the Overton Window in other words, when they really weren't.  You might want to bookmark this blog entry if you haven't already, just for the shear joy of reading me say that I was probably wrong.

Is it really more likely that Obama is bucking cultural trends because we will learn to love him?  Is it more possible that Obama really doesn't care what anyone thinks of him?  Does he really stand a chance of re-election in 2012?  My inner cynic is screaming to be let out of its cage.

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