Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reality-Based Law Enforcement

H/T: From the Washington Post by way of HotAir.com

It looks like The Justice Department's suit over Arizona's SB 1070 is imminent. I cheered Governor Jan Brewer right along with many of her fellow Arizonans, but now will probably be a good time to buy stock in a popcorn company if you haven't already; this could drag out for quite a while, and will definitely raise some interesting legal questions.

As Ed Morrissey points out, Basic Immigration Enforcement Training already seems to assume that local law enforcement will partner with Federal authorities. Immigration policies of non-enforcement, along with Federal-local partnership in drug law enforcement, all serve to weaken the preemption case even further.

In all the reading I've done on matters of federal-state-local preemption, I have yet to find a case where de facto policy was diametrically opposed to the law. At some point, I would imagine that a federal agency is going to have to admit that.

Arizona: Doing the jobs that the Federal Government just won't do!

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