Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To My Detractors





I've been called a lot of things over my qualified support for Christine O'Donnell in Delaware -- mostly by fellow "conservatives."  But this morning, at a nationally-known conservative blog, a conservative stalwart, whom I have defended on more than one occasion, flung an epithet my way that really took the cake:

"Myopic Twit."

You see, it would seem that O'Donnell has a LinkedIn profile that is quite inaccurate.  The author's first thought was that O'Donnell is, in fact, a "serial liar."  This was further proof to Ms. Diane Suffern that not only is Christine O'Donnell unelectable, but that she is of morally questionable fiber, and generally unfit for office.  I, along with a few others, pointed out that Diane and others seemed almost eager to be doing opposition research for the Democrats.

Well I have news for you conservative stalwarts all of a sudden worried about "honesty."  It doesn't matter if you want to help Coons win.  That is what you are doing.  The people who think that conservative harping on McCain didn't help Obama in 2008 are worse than  myopic twits; they are insufferably delusional fools.

And I hope I get the apology I have coming to me.  It would seem there are legitimate questions about whether O'Donnell or her campaign even had anything to do with that false LinkedIn profile.

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