Monday, September 12, 2011

Four Questions for Rick Perry

  • You got a lot of people's attention when you said you desired to make government "inconsequential" in the lives of the American people.  When it comes to the federal government, exactly how would you begin to do that?
  • How do you square your desire to make government "inconsequential" with your use of an executive order to enforce a mandate on the people of Texas writ large?  For that matter, how do you square it with your plan for the Trans-Texas Corridor and its significant damage to Texan agriculture?
  • Do you believe there is constitutional authority for the existence of Social Security?  If so, where do you find it?  If not, what current government programs do operate under constitutional authority?
  • Do you believe in the often-used saw that "something must be done" by government bureaucrats?  Or do you believe that sometimes the best approach for government to take in solving a problem is to do nothing and let the people sort it out?

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